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NewTap offers a vital insight to current status and challenges regarding drinking water services in Asia. The information is available for download in the form of PDF reports prepared by water professionals and specialists in different countries.

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What's New

New report available on water treatment plant in Thailand (WTP44)
New report available on international water project in Philippines (IWP20)
12 new reports available on international water projects in Philippines, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Uzbekistan, East Timor, Indonesia, Kiribati and Laos (IWP08 - IWP19)


Water Treatment Plant Reports

List of Reports

Thailand Sri Lanka Lao PDR Vietnam South Korea Cambodia Japan Bhutan Pakistan Nepal China Philippines Malaysia India Bangladesh Myanmar Singapore Indonesia


International Water Project Reports

List of Reports

Nepal Japan India Marshall Islands Uzbekistan Fiji China Sri Lanka Philippines Tajikistan Bangladesh Cambodia Indonesia Timor-Leste Kiribati Lao PDR

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